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Way Through The Blood

SPEAKER: Rev V O Uabor TEXT: Heb 10:19-23   – A cross-less life is a godless life – Confidence comes by way of understanding – Boldness comes as a result of discovering – A christian who is not hearing can never have faith – The release of the blood is the release of the plague […]

Opportunity of the Lord’s Vineyard

SPEAKER: Rev. V. O. Uabor TEXT: Do you know that this work that brought us here is a business? The Apostles council calls it business. Things you must take note of – Your true worth on earth is determined by your involvement in the Father’s business. – It is a great misunderstanding to feel that you […]


SPEAKER: Rev. V. O. Uabor TEXT: Psalm 136:1-26   O, is an expression of what we forgot to do. 1- O is the slackness of the church of God 2 – We are denied God that which He is worthy of 3 – Because we have every reason to do it   Why do we praise […]

Supplication with Thanksgiving

SPEAKER: Rev V .O. Uabor TEXT: Phil 4:4-7 What is Supplication? A prayer you pray for yourself by yourself from within your real self. The Thanksgiving addictive to supplication is a wisdom key of riding in high places of the Almighty God Things we must know before we make supplication prayers with thanksgiving. 1. Mark […]

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