MY TIME OF HARVEST (Men Alive Convention 2014)

SPEAKER: Rev. V.O. Uabor TOPIC: My Time of Harvest TEXT: Gen. 8:22 1. THE CONCEPT OF HARVEST God started it all in Gen. 8:22 when He said “While the earth remaineth, seed time and harvest … shall not cease”. This concept has two aspects to it. A time to plant and a time to harvest that […]


SPEAKER: Rev. V.O. Uabor TOPIC: Managing Your Business- 2 TEXT: Gen. 26:12-13 A. CREATING YOUR OWN BUSINESS It all begins with getting a business idea. Ideas come through the subconscious in response to thoughts which have been continuously registered in our consciousness (the mind). The kind of thoughts you store in your mind determines the kind […]


SPEAKER: Rev. V.O. Uabor TOPIC: IT IS I TEXT: Mark 6:45-50   God never sends one an errand that is not clear. There comes junctions in our christian walk when God will need to reintroduce Himself. So many of us are at that junction in life right now. The good news is that the LORD […]