The Gains of a Permanent and Responsible member

SPEAKER: Rev. V. O. Uabor TEXT: Psalm 92:13-14   There are three stages of membership: Stage 1: The Deer stage These people run from everybody Stage 2: The Goat stage i. they are very stubborn ii. they have made up their mind on what is sin and what it’s not Stage 3: The sheep these […]


SPEAKER: Rev. V.O. Uabor TEXT: John 4:31-38, 1 Cor. 9:16 Who is a Witness? Someone who has been saved to serve Ecc. 12:13-14 Someone who is educated to witness with the Education Someone who is rich to witness with the riches A witness is a Testifier The witness is the hope of Christ to finish […]


SPEAKER: Bro. Enabulele Egbe TEXT: Luke 2:40-51, Jude 1:3     Question: What is this “faith” which was once delivered unto the saints? Answer: Acts 2: 17-18   Question: If that is the faith that was once delivered then why are we not having the desire to pursue/seek the same thing? Answer: It takes a […]


SPEAKER: Pastor Dr. Akoria TEXT: Jame 5:7, John 4:5-36     The different between Religion and Christianity is “MISSIONS”. The way we handle Christianity these days was not the way our fore fathers handled it. When God called Abraham he left his father’s house and began to look for the place whose builder and maker is […]