SPEAKER: Rev. V.O. Uabor
TOPIC: In His Presence
TEXT: Psa. 84:1-12, Psa.16:11, Rom. 8:31

The Right Hand of God
1. You have been led (controlled, organized and pushed) to this Right Hand location by my Mercy, Divine Direction and Revelation says The Lord.
2. This Right Hand of God has also been described in Psa 84:2 as The Courts of the Lord
3. Another Word for This Right Hand of God has also been described in Psa 84:3 as Thine Altars (The Altars of God)
4. Another description of “The Right Hand of God” according to Psalm 84:4 is “Thine House” (The House of God)
5. One more description of “The Right Hand of God”” according to Psalm 16:11 is “Thine Presence”

Why is God Presence so peculiar?
1. It is the location that God has always desired for his people
2. it has been God plan never to forsake His people in His presence
3. Jesus Christ has been there Heb 9:24, John 14:1-3
• Jesus is there as my Advocate
• Jesus is there as my Developer
• Jesus is there as an Escort

My Expectations
1. Joy. Psalm 16:11
2. Pleasure Psalm 16:11
3. Refreshing (Reloading, refilling and recharging) Acts 3:19
4. Rest Exo 33:14
5. Divine cover Psalm 31:19-20
6. Perfect Defense Psalm 97:3
7. Strength Psalm 84:7
8. Ever abiding presence of God Matt. 28:20

Things I Must Do
1. Belong to Jesus
2. Learn to believe on The Son
3. Relate with Him by communing with Him effectively and hearing from Him everyday
4. Serve God with your time

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