Promoting Diligence Pt. 1

SPEAKER: Rev. V.O. Uabor
TOPIC: Promoting Diligence Pt. 1
TEXT: Prov 10:4, 12:24, 13:4, 21:5, 22:29

The Power of Diligence
– It attracts Kings (Prov 22:29)
– It maketh Rich (Prov. 10:4)
– It bears the Rule (Prov. 12:24)
– It maketh Fat (Prov. 13:4)
– It attracts plenty (Prov. 21:5)

Seven great things successful people do to attract diligence in the works of their hands
1. Accounting/Record keeping
– Discipline of counting what you have gained one by one.
– To find out the account, then get your patience to work.

The Account
1. Inventory Accounting ( the Stock of the things you trade on)
Two ways inventory can grow:
– Purchases
– Sales
2. Revenue Accounting ( the salary you earn)
Records to be Kept
– Sales
– Expenses
– Receivable accounting (Debtors)
– Payable accounting (Creditors)
– Perodic Report(Adding the sales and subtracting from your expenses, it becomes your profit)

Three Arguments Against Accounting
1. I am not educated
2. I have no office
3. How much money self?

Arguments for Accounting
1. Makes you appreciate how much money you have transacted with so far
2. Makes you appreciate how reckless you may have been with spendings
3. Record keeping helps you to save money
4. Successful people Bank their money, Unsuccessful people Pocket their money

NOTE: When you bank your money, it helps you to know WHAT, HOW, and WHEN to spend your money

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