The Gains of a Permanent and Responsible member

SPEAKER: Rev. V. O. Uabor
TEXT: Psalm 92:13-14


There are three stages of membership:

Stage 1: The Deer stage
These people run from everybody

Stage 2: The Goat stage
i. they are very stubborn
ii. they have made up their mind on what is sin and what it’s not

Stage 3: The sheep
these people are very obedient and available

The Gains in been a permanent and responsible member:
1. You have a true family
2. You are part of a building (you are a permanent building block 1 Cor 3:9)
3. You are part of a garden (Isa. 5:5). Every plant in a garden pulled and replanted will soon die
4. You are part of a tree (John 15:5)
5. You flourish when you are planted (Psalm. 92:13)
6. You invest freely for a better tomorrow ( investing in ministries) 2 Cor 9:8
8. You have a family that will celebrate your success
9. You will begin to see the fruits of your labour


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