SPEAKER: Rev. V.O. Uabor
TEXT: Psalm 40:1-5


Our God indeed is the mighty God who is mighty amongst us. When this God rises to fight your battles and then delivers the victories and the spoils of the battles to you, and then puts a new song in your mouth; then what follows naturally? Singing, dancing, jubilation, celebration.

The kind of song here that God has decided to put in your mouth this new year is:
– the song that is more than lyrics but it would include lyrics in it
– the song that is more than music but would contain music in it
– the song that is more than dances but would contain dances in it
– the song that is visible to the natural eyes
– the song that causes visible fear

When God does a thing, it is always clear enough to know that it was God who did it. I prophesy to you that by the reason of the new song that God shall put in your mouth, your testimonies shall become songs that will be so clear that people will begin to fear and trust in the LORD because of it.

Visible songs are:
when unexpected testimonies are manifested.
when unexpected good things start happening in your life.
when the generally declared “impossible” becomes “possible”.

The Conditions for receiving a new song from God are:
Maintain yourselves in the highway of the LORD (maintain your position in Christ through) :
a. Fellowship
b. Study
c. Service in the house of God (finding a thing to do in the house of God)
d. Sacrifice (offerings and tithes)
e. Witnessing (evangelism)
f. Dedication to God and the things of God
g. Holy living
h. Warfare consciousness


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