The Bible says ”Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God”. Below are testimonies that will stir up your faith for your expected miracle, read and believe God that your testimony will be next to be shared here to God’s glory.


Wonders of the Year!


Keying Into Wisdom for Financial Blessing!

After one of these messages on sacrificial giving, I decided to key into it. I made sure that I gave to God from anything that came into my hand no matter how small. Lo and behold after some time, my boss called me and gave me a reasonable sum of money. I thought he was sending me on an errand but after he had given it to me, he told me that it was my pocket money. This is what has never happened to me in years and since then I’ve been getting financial blessing. God is REAL.

Bro. Okafor.


The Power Night Experience!

During our last Power Night, I had a lot of challenges and reasons not to come because I was feeling so depressed but I encouraged myself and came. But as the message was going on, it was as if the Reverend spoke singularly to me. Everything he said was just for me. The amazing thing was that I left church with joy and got the solutions to my challenges.

Sis. Glory.


Keying into the Healing Message!

I have been feeling sick in my body for some time now and I took drugs without any improvement. But when I got home after one of our Friday healing services, I went back to the message titled “Communion Unto Continuity” and started keying into each portion of it as it affected good health. It was so surprising that after some few minutes I became perfectly healed even till now! PRAISE THE LORD.

Bro. Egbe.


Divinely Preserved!

After our divine enquiry last year, I received a message from the village that I should pray and fast for seven days, if I wanted to stay alive till the end of that year. I took it to God and reminded Him of His word through His servant the G.O that none of us will die but live. I believed God that the protection He assured us during the divine enquiry would prevail. I hereby testify that without an extra labour in fasting the Almighty God kept me alive even into the New Year. GLORY TO GOD!

Bro. Monday.


Academic Success!

A few months after paying a large amount for my daughter’s admission, she told me that she had another exam to write for which another huge sum of money was to be paid. The challenge was that if she didn’t pass the exam she would be sent home, which would mean a total loss of all I had invested on her. On hearing that, I became scared and went to our Rev. He just said “if only one person is meant to pass the exam, it will be your daughter”. I believed and relayed it to my daughter who was already very scared of the unknown outcome of the exam. She believed with me and went in for the exam. Now the result is out and she passed excellently. PRAISE BE TO JEHOVAH.

Bro. A.


An Amazing Family Re-union!

For many years I was not in good terms with my children. I lost contact with all of them almost at the same time. It was so bad that one of them traveled abroad without my knowledge. For about two and half years, I was unable to communicate with him. I brought the matter to God during the various fire services when I came here. I stand here to testify today that I have now gotten in touch with my son that travelled and the Lord has miraculously reconciled me and my children. Now I have the peace of God in my heart. God will do yours

Sis. E